seagull for My Soul

Childhood Trauma, Multiple Sclerosis, and a Determined Soul

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Ignoring and Distrusting

I’ve been ignoring God everyday for a long time. On a daily basis, God tells me that I should write in this blog. On a daily basis, I find a reason or excuse or justification not to do it. This is because I don’t trust myself or trust God. Although this sounds really sad and…

Ready to Be Seen

Things I know this morning and am not afraid to say: God is around us everywhere. I saw him this week in my neighbors, in my house-cleaning people, in my vacuum cleaner, in my honey jar, in my husband, in my dog, in my mom, in my dance classes, in my aesthetician and her colleague,…

Stuck is Not Safe

It’s been quite a while since my last post, and that’s for many reasons. The list could go on and on…MS symptoms, the holidays, responsibilities, family, blah…blah…blah. The list is true, BUT, it’s really not about all that. It’s really about abandonment (I just realized that as I was writing!). It’s about abandonment…of myself!!! WOW!…