Ready to Be Seen

Things I know this morning and am not afraid to say:

God is around us everywhere. I saw him this week in my neighbors, in my house-cleaning people, in my vacuum cleaner, in my honey jar, in my husband, in my dog, in my mom, in my dance classes, in my aesthetician and her colleague, in a tiger statue. The more present I am, the more I see God around me. The more I let him shine a light to my path (Psalms 119:105), the more I see God.

The more I see God, the less I worry.

God is funny.

God is all love.

When we invite him into our lives, miracles happen, and we don’t have to worry about anything.

Everything and all of us are connected. I know this now because God showed it to me, and also because he keeps showing it to me.

I’m ready to be seen. I’m also still scared. I need God to keep helping me to be brave…to get more brave…to become brave. I can’t wait.

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