More Anger…More Yuckiness…

I tend to think of my soul as a peaceful being. Evidently, that’s not always true. It’s not true today. And I made a vow yesterday not to allow my brain to bully my soul into submission this week. So I am consciously trying to allow my soul to be “unpeaceful” (a.k.a. angry). This feelsContinue reading “More Anger…More Yuckiness…”

Acknowledging Anger…Yuck

As part of my attempts to heal my MS, I started to see an “energy therapist”. This person is a psychologist, but she is “different”. I can’t really explain her right now, but I’m sure I will at some point in a separate blog article. For now, I’ll call her Dr. Energy. Anyway, as partContinue reading “Acknowledging Anger…Yuck”