Ignoring and Distrusting

I’ve been ignoring God everyday for a long time. On a daily basis, God tells me that I should write in this blog. On a daily basis, I find a reason or excuse or justification not to do it. This is because I don’t trust myself or trust God. Although this sounds really sad andContinue reading “Ignoring and Distrusting”

More Anger…More Yuckiness…

I tend to think of my soul as a peaceful being. Evidently, that’s not always true. It’s not true today. And I made a vow yesterday not to allow my brain to bully my soul into submission this week. So I am consciously trying to allow my soul to be “unpeaceful” (a.k.a. angry). This feelsContinue reading “More Anger…More Yuckiness…”

Acknowledging Anger…Yuck

As part of my attempts to heal my MS, I started to see an “energy therapist”. This person is a psychologist, but she is “different”. I can’t really explain her right now, but I’m sure I will at some point in a separate blog article. For now, I’ll call her Dr. Energy. Anyway, as partContinue reading “Acknowledging Anger…Yuck”


Finally understanding what trauma did to me. “We must observe what we see around us and label it correctly; we must also be able to trust our memories and be able to tell them apart from our imagination. Losing the ability to make these distinctions is one sign of what psychoanalyst William Niederson called ‘soulContinue reading “VALIDATION”